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SUBMISSION LIMIT: No more than 3 entries per student. Must be artwork created in coursework of Art Dept classes anytime from April 2019 through present.


ENTRIES WITH MULTIPLE PARTS count as 1 entry. For example, Graphic Design packaging designs, branding campaigns, poster series and games board designs with multiple parts each count as 1 submission. Fine Art diptychs, triptychs or polyptychs, ceramic or mixed media items that are a set, pair, or group of inter-related pieces, etc. are also acceptable and counted as 1 submission. BEWARE that if 1 OR MORE components of a series, packaging, or branding campaign is unacceptable to the jurors, the ENTIRE entry may be rejected.


Photo of 3d game board design project from 2018-19 2d3d show.2D, 3D READY TO HANG/DISPLAY REQUIREMENT: ALL submitted items must be prepared for HANGING OR MOUNTED FOR DISPLAY. 2D items, or 2D component parts, MUST be properly framed or board mounted (black, white or neutral frame recommended). Framed works must have proper hanging devices (large sawtooth or D-ring with wire) attached for safe hanging. No quick-clip or slip-on poster frames. No eye screws. Works mounted on board must have proper, long-term, safe, hanging devices mounted, centered and leveled properly. Suggestions include, but

are not limited to: heavy duty gluing of sawtooth hangers, or plastic or wood cleats, heavy duty adhesive mounted D-rings, or hinged hanging loop/triangle for heavier items, Velcro mounted on each corner for lighter weight items. Please take weight of item into consideration. Review provided 2020 - 2D3D+ Artwork Submission Hanging & Display Rules & Guidelines for more information. Provided as an attachment anytime this notification is emailed through the Art Dept. 3D wall-hangings MUST also be provided with proper safe hanging devices already attached. See above suggestions for hanging. 3D or sculptural items must also take into consideration safe display on sculpture stands as needed. Make sure structures are not top heavy, and bottoms are flat. Please consult with your instructor on best hanging device options for your work. Any submissions WITHOUT a proper way of displaying them may be subject to rejection by Jurors or Gallery Staff.


FOR 4D, SD (MOTION GRAPHICS, VIDEO, ETC.) please provide any video file submissions as a link listed on your entry form, or as an attachment in MP4 format with the maximum dimensions of 1920 x 1080px with quality resolution (1080p recommended) along with its entry form.


ARTWORK SUBMISSION ENTRY FORMS will be available starting May 1, 2020 and due for return with required instructors' signatures by May 22, 2020. An entry form is required for each submission (no more than 3 per student). In order to allow for social distancing and give more time for student-participants to access forms and get instructor signatures from this, and last semester, a digital version of entry forms must be requested by sending an email to artgalleries@cpp.edu with the following: your First and Last Name, Bronco ID, best Phone Number, your Major, and the Number of Artwork Entry Forms being requested. Each submission form REQUIRES INSTRUCTOR'S CERTIFICATION that the item was created as a result of a class project in the Art Dept. and will require identification of each of the following as verification: class project title, class name, semester taken, and instructor signature. Dept. Chair signature may be used in lieu of faculty member's if not available to sign or on sabbatical. Students are also required to provide a digital image of the submitted artwork within each entry form for easy identification of artworks by instructors and gallery staff. An ARTWORK HANGING & DISPLAY RULES & GUIDELINES form must be signed ONCE by each student submitting their work that verifies they understand the rules and requirements for submitting work and subsequent work retrieval dates. These guidelines are emailed to all students department-wide with this notice. Email artgalleries@cpp.edu if you did not receive that form through the Art Dept email transmission. Read and sign this 3-page form and submit with student-and-instructor-signed entry forms to the art galleries email prior to Submission deadline of midnight May 22, 2020.

3d game board design project from 2018-19 2d3d show.

All artwork submitted for consideration must be artwork made in the coursework of CalPoly

Pomona's Art Dept. art classes, created anytime between April 2019 and the present day.

Artwork Submission Hanging & Display Rules & Guidelines

To request Entry Forms (limit 3 per student)

• First and Last Name • Bronco ID

• Best Phone Number • Major

• Number of Entry Forms Requested

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